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Get model attention on Streamate

That is a very interesting question! So how can I get any model on Streamate to pay attention to me??? I wish the answer was easy but of course there is some tricks that you might want to use in order to make you special. Here’s a few guidelines on how you can be the king in a model’s room and how you can get all her attention for yourself:) Of course this works if you want that girl attention. If you are into some weird “ignore me” fetish or humiliation, that sort of thing, sorry but that is not for you;)

  1. Be polite! When you enter a room, say hi, ask the model how she is, how’s her day…you know the usual introduction. Don’t jump into “do you do anal?” right away, that might put you in the shit list!
  2. Don’t be cocky, don’t be overly nice, it’s a poker game. You are in a room with most likely more than one person and potentially hundreds of them even, so observe, listen, pay attention to what’s going on, what the model says, what she does, what she likes….etc In a room, lots of things are going on, lots of questions asked, so make sure you don’t jump in and ask the same question she just answered or give the same compliment she just received…that would NOT make you any special.
  3. Jump in! So you observed, you listened and you are now confident that you know your “subject” pretty well. Now it’s time to jump in and show your skills. Remember you might be one of so many guys talking to her today or any other day for that matter. If you have the most amazing compliment someone ever gave to a girl, it’s now or never!
  4. So you made your move…hopefully with a nice compliment. Be honest. Sometimes being very straight forward and clear with who you are and what you want or what you expect is the best way to go. Something like “Hey, I think you are the most beautiful girl I’ve seen today -yeah, don’t be a cheezy or a liar by saying “I’ve ever seen”!- and I would love to spend some time with you in private, that would make my day”….it might not be the best line BUT if this is what you think, just say it. Now make it count! You are probably not the only one with that thought so it’s your turn to play, play big! Throw some Gold in the mix. That only works if you are not a cheap player of course. Again, that works if you really like that girl and you really want her attention. Don’t send her like 1 or 2 Gold just for the sake of it. That’s cheap and that might make your move a little weak too. Go big…or go home. Anything above 10 golds would be a good start. If you want to be heard, go to 50…and if you want to make THE best impression, go for 100.
  5. What’s next? You have different options now. You get the girl’s attention…or you don’t. But let’s say you played big and she’s all yours. Now you can have a conversation like it’s only you and her. At any point of time you can take her private and have her for yourself. But if you REALLY want to make the girl remember you for EVER, here’s my thoughts…So you made your move today. It’s great. Give her compliment, tell her you just came to tell her how beautiful she was, send her some Gold, wish her a nice day and leave. Come back the next day and do the same, then the next day, then the next day. Each day, tell her how much you thought about her and just went by to say hi and tell her how amazing she looks. Send her some Gold again…and leave. After a few days, she’s REA-DY! By, she knows who you are, probably asked for your name, stops everything when you come in her room…probably is expecting you to show up every day…NOW you take her private! Don’t ask for anything, come by the next day, say hi, then take her exclusive, just you and her….chances are she will be willing to do ANYTHING you want and from now on, you will have ALL her attention…for EVER:)
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