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Model Monday’s!

by Christophe

Something I started doing within the last two months is, Googling to see what “National Day” it is. You know, there’s like “National Best Friend Day” and “National Sibling Day” and after a week, it just sort of fades away and everyone thinks the “National so and so Day” is over with, but it’s not! Like today for example; today is National Vanilla Pudding Day. So, so random, yet fun to know.


Well, because of my obsession with what day it is, I started giving Streamate days during the week to have fun with. Some are already well known, like #TBT and Titty Tuesday. But to coordinate with the adult industry and Streamate, I also made up days like, “Model Monday.” So, guess what today is? Yup. Model Monday! Fortunately for me (and you too, obviously), I work with some pretty awesome studios and models who like to share pictures from their photoshoots. What better day to share eye candy than on today – MODEL MONDAY!








I know, I know… You’re all like…


Both lovely ladies can be found under their names on Streamate.com.

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