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The start of Tipsy Tuesday begins now! Shoutout to our Talent Recruiter, Vanessa Eve, for coming up with such a catchy, fun title. Totally stole it from her!


A common mistake I see all over social media is Streamate models giving out the wrong link to their cam rooms. Did you know you could be missing out on easy money by providing the wrong link? It’s a mistake that’s easy to make but even easier to correct and make money from, so I’m here today to show you how to never make that mistake again. Please watch the video I’ve created below.



The Cammodels site earns you bonus cash. New members who sign up through your Cammodels link will earn you an extra 40% when they spend Gold or go into paid chat with you, and 20% when they spend Gold or enter paid chat with anyone else on the site. This earning potential never expires—you’ll earn extra for the entire life of that member account! These extra earnings can really start to add up over time.

When sharing your link on social media, the format should look like this:



You should NOT post your Cammodels link in Streamate chat, or try to send existing Streamate members to there. You will not earn extra from these visits, and sending Streamate customers to other websites (even your Cammodels site) is against the rules.


Outside of the Streamate site, you can post your Cammodels link anywhere on the web. Remember that the more people who see it and sign up for Streamate, the more you earn. If you have existing fans who aren’t already members of the site, make sure to point them to your Cammodels link to sign up!

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