SM Podcast Episode 18

Fetish Friday, Freaky Friday? What should we call today? Suppose it doesn’t matter because on this episode, the SM Podcast team chats with Femdom fetishist Empress Mika. If you might be on the vanilla side and want to learn more about dom-sub relationships, this is the episode for you!

SM Podcast Episode 16

On the latest episode of the SM Podcast, Neil the Cam Concierge, Vanessa, and Christophe talk about the intricacies of social media bans and how adult performers can steer clear of getting on Instagram’s odd and vague crusade against certain types of content…even the not-so-explicit ones.


SM Podcast Episode 15

On the latest podcast, the gang talks about the developments of the #instastrike and the evolution of web camming. Another fun chat with Neil, Vanessa, Liz and Christophe! Also, check out Christophe’s sweet new letterman’s jacket!

SM Podcast Episode 14

Neil, Vanessa and Christophe come back to a set of new equipment and recap the whirlwind SM trips that lead us to Miami, Romania, and Portland. Hear about their misadventures and listen to how much gruffer Neil’s voice gets as he sips on Euro vodka.

XBiz Miami 2019!

Half of the Streamate Team went to Romania and the other half went to the America’s OTHER sexy playground, Miami, to participate in xBiz 2019. Lots of fun was had and we want to extend a huge thank you to Leah and Moe at xBiz who took really, really great care of us! Shouts to all the awesome performers we got to meet IRL!!! Let’s do it again!


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