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by Christophe

Sooooooo results are in and some of you are not interested AT ALL but our #smbunny contest. I hear you.

smbunny twitter result

That sucks…BUT there’s hope for all of you that will be spending time with family, friends, lovers, mistresses…and whatever the case may be. I’ve decided, and by I’ve decided it means I’ve decided so don’t go sending an email to support asking them what the fuck is going on, as I write this they have absolutely NO CLUE so bare with me for a second. I’ve decided to do my own little contest. Oh of course it’s nowhere close to what #smbunny will do for you, but it’s still a little something. This is totally improvised so let’s make it fun. What I want YOU to do is to be creative. So here’s MY rules…and again bare with me I’m make it them as I write too.

  1. Pick a social media of your choice. But let’s get the weird ones out of the way so it has to be either Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat..or even Youtube!
  2. You get the point, you have to deal with each network restrictions, if you choose youtube you obviously can be creative for an hour, Snapchat 8 seconds etc…
  3. Do WHATEVER you want BUT stay PG so I can share that everywhere without being concerned with nudity or anything inappropriate. AND of course something related to Easter…somehow. It’s better if everybody has the same restriction and the same theme.
  4. Submit as many as you want. If you have time to kill, make 10 pictures on instagram, 20 videos on youtube, 10 blog post no Facebook…anything you want.
  5. Tag ME of course on the social network you use that will make it easier for me, myself and I to track down everything.
  6. Use the hashtag #NotSMBunny, that’s what i will consider as participating in that “contest”…of course a follow or a like will be much much appreciated:)
  7. Now how do I decide who win? That’s where it’s subjective as fuck! I get to decide who’s creative or not. BUT here’s how you can impress me and make me rule for you. The more people you get to like or retweet or whatever your creation or creationS, the better chance you will get to convince me that you’re the best. If you get these same people to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Like me on Facebook etc….the better. Yes I’m a social whore and I totally do that to get some attention.
  8. I will be more than one winner that will get an extra $100…yes sorry I don’t have the big guy budget so be nice;) How many I’m not sure it will depend on how many participate but at least the top 3 will get something.
  9. The best part, you have till Monday. When I wake up Monday morning I will go through all your submissions and as fast as I can I will decide. I might get help from some of my folks here. I will definitely repost all the submissions as much as I can or all my favorites…we’ll see. Again this is IMPROVISED.
  10. Last but not least, you can only participate if you are not participating in the offical #smbunny contest of course. If you work any of those 2 days, let the people that don’t get that chance only. Please if you feel creative go ahead and still participate but be honest:)

I’m sure you’ll have a gazillion questions. I will try to answer them all as much as I can. Let’s have some fun please:)

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