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Streamate Newsletter: April

by Christophe

Here are a few quick updates for all Streamate Models!

Short Survey: Mobile Devices

To help us learn more about you, we may send out brief surveys from time to time. This will help us collect data that could turn into improvements to the Streamate Models site down the road!

Today, we want to know more about your mobile device. This survey is just two questions long and should take less than a minute to complete: Mobile Device Survey

Thanks for helping out!

Group Messaging

We’ve had a really good response to the new Group Messaging tool. A lot of you are using it to help bring more traffic into your rooms! In order to help you understand this feature better, here are a few tips for using Group Messages.

Group messages shouldn’t be too vague. You should include a reason for the member to come visit you. Don’t just say “Come and see me.” Instead, say “My shows have been really hot lately, I’d love to see you there!”

Group messages also shouldn’t be too specific. Don’t say “I’m running a special show at 7pm.” Due to time zones and approval time, members could get your message too late or could miss the show and be disappointed. Instead, say “I’m running special rates all weekend,” or “I’ve been loving Gold Shows lately, come try one out!” You also shouldn’t mention specific member names. Make sure the message will make sense to the whole group.

Your message shouldn’t ask for favors or exchanges. Don’t ask members to favorite or rate you, and don’t say “If I make $100 tomorrow I’ll do a special show!” This is not the purpose of these messages. To prevent possible fraud, these messages will be rejected.

You can read more about the group messaging tool on the Mailbox help page. Group messages may not be available on all accounts. Let us know if you have any other questions about this feature!

Spring Cleaning

Now is a great time to go through your account and make sure everything looks polished! Here are a few ideas for spring cleaning your Streamate Models account:

•Read through the “About Me” section of your profile. Make sure your info is accurate and update your profile text.

  • Freshen up your photos. Take a new bio pic or add some images to your profile.
  • Check your Tags. Remove any tags you no longer want on your profile.
  • Is your video crisp and clear? Check out the Improving Streaming Quality and Speed help page. If you use the External Encoder, make sure you’re using one of our recommended settings files (last updated June 2013).
  • Is your ranking as high as it could be? Go through the My Ranking page to see if there are any improvements you can make.
  • Are you charging enough? Try testing out different rates, then use the Rate Analysis tool to figure out what is working best for you!

    Refresh your account and keep on streaming!

    Let us know if you have questions or comments about the topics in this month’s newsletter.

    Streamate Models Support

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