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We’re doing another four day long event over Memorial Day weekend! From May 28-31 we’ll be giving out 400 prizes to performers.

The Memorial Day contest will have two parts with 200 winners each. Both parts will last two days. The first contest will take place on May 28-29 (GMT), and the second contest will take place on May 30-31 (GMT). Remember to check when these GMT times will begin in your timezone.

All performers are eligible to earn rewards during both parts of the event. Rewards will be given based on the amount members spend on you during each part of the event (Cammodel earnings and TV/TopSpot guaranteed goal adjustments are not included).

For each part of the event, the top 200 performers will receive these rewards:

  • 1st place: $2,000!
  • 2nd place: $1,500
  • 3rd place: $1,000
  • 4th place: $800
  • 5th place: $600
  • 6-10th places: $400
  • 11-20th places: $200
  • 21-50th places: $100
  • 51-100th places: $50
  • 101-200th places: $25

Plan to celebrate with us? Let you regulars know! Members won’t see an announcement for this event. You can also promote your shows on social media using the hashtag #smmemorial.

Rewards will be added the week after the contest ends. Good luck to everyone who will be online!

We want to give a special thank you to everyone who participates in these contests. Our last few events have been great, and it’s all thanks to you! We’re working on ways to improve contests in the future, so stay tuned for a contest related announcement coming soon!

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SMBroadcast Beta Update for Windows

Earlier this week, the SMBroadcast Beta for Windows was updated to version 13! Changes include a new layout and video tweaking options. The SMBroadcast Encoder help page has been updated too, so click here to jump to the feature slideshow for the new layout. The Mac version is still in development, but we hope to have news very soon!

Have feedback? Find a bug? Click here and select “Submit Feedback” or “Report a Bug.” Thank you!

Important Note for FMLE Users

If you use the FMLE (aka, the External Encoder or Flash Encoder), please take a minute to check the “Format” field on the left side of the FMLE Screen. This option should be “H.264” for all performers. You should not use “VP6” because some users won’t be able to see your video.

If you see “VP6,” we recommend you go to the FMLE Encoder help page and download a fresh settings file. Follow the instructions to load and save the settings so they’ll appear every time you load the FMLE. These files were created to work well with Streamate!

TV Broadcast News

We have important news about the TV Broadcast feature. Our television partnership has ended, which means that “TV Broadcast” shows are no longer shown on live television. However, the feature is active and is still a great way to pick up new viewers!

When you opt-in to “TV Broadcast” shows, you’ll receive producer offers while in Party chat. Offers still include a guaranteed goal so you can begin the show as soon as the countdown is over. These shows always appear in the top row of page one! Read the TV Broadcast help page for more details. We’ll be updating this feature with a new name and rules soon, so stay tuned!

Image Galleries Approval

If you’ve uploaded images to your gallery in the last few months, we’re sorry if you experienced delayed approval times. We’re happy to report that we’ve fixed the problem and cleared out the backlog. New pictures will now be processed at a normal rate. Please let us know if you continue to see delays!

Tips for Requesting Technical Support

Experiencing a technical issue? Details about your equipment can make it easier for support to find a solution. Before you submit a request, walk through the steps on the Checking Your Equipment page. Write down each piece of info, or Take a Screenshot you can view later. When submitting your support request, include your operating system (Windows/Mac), and your equipment details. Then describe the problem. Be specific! How many times have you seen the issue? What workarounds have you tried? Add anything that could help support figure out the issue. Screenshots of the error can help too.

Lastly, support handles a lot of requests and may not respond the same day. We know waiting for help can be frustrating, so we appreciate your patience. If you can, keep streaming! We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you!

New Survey: Your Encoder Wishlist

In this survey, we have a few questions about your idea of the perfect video encoder. Take a few minutes to leave your thoughts and let us make your dreams come true!

Encoder Feature Survey

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Streamate Newsletter: October

by Christophe

HD720 is here!

Earlier this month we released the HD720 settings files for the FMLE External Encoder! To find out if your equipment is fast enough to run the HD720 settings, visit the FMLE External Encoder page to read more. Follow the instructions there to check your equipment, download the files, and start streaming.

Currently the HD720 files are still receiving the same level of placement as the older “Legacy” HD files. You still have time to play with the files and see if they work with your equipment. Sometime in the next few weeks we’ll be adjusting placement so performers using HD720 will get the biggest placement boost, and those using the older HD files will be right behind them. We’ll let you know when this switch happens.

If you have any issues with HD720, check out the tips at the bottom of the FMLE Encoder Streaming page. You can also contact support for help, or to let us know what you think!

Reminder of New Muscle Category for Women

Last month we added a new category to the front page for muscular women. If you want your profile to appear in this category, click here to go to the Personal Statistics section of your profile. Next to the Build category, select “muscular.” That’s it! After your change is approved, your profile will start appearing in the Muscle category. Please note that changing your build may remove you from another build category you may already be in. Choose the category that best represents your body type!

Social Media Tip: Cammodels

Many of you use social media to promote your shows, and we think that’s great! Social media is a great way to be available to your fans and connect with other performers. Did you know you can also use social media to increase your profits? When sending a link to your Streamate profile, don’t forget about your Cammodels link! If a brand new user signs up for Streamate from your Cammodels page, you will earn a portion of whatever they spend on the site, even part of what they spend on other performers. This is our way of thanking you for drawing in new members! You can read more information on the Cammodels help page.

New Reports Survey

In our last survey, most of you said the Streamate Help site was a useful resource, and we’re happy to hear it! We’ve got a list of planned updates to the Streamate Help site based on your suggestions, so thank you for participating!

Our new survey is all about reports and should only take a few minutes to complete: Streamate Reports Survey

Thanks again for your feedback!

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A few quick updates for all Streamate Models. Don’t miss the new survey at the bottom!


Coming Soon: HD720 Encoder Settings

For those of you using the External Encoder, we will soon be releasing new settings files to let you stream in an even higher resolution: HD720.

HD720 video is a higher quality than the current HD settings. The video is crisper and more detailed. Because of this, HD720 will become the preferred streaming quality on Streamate.

When it launches, HD720 will have the same placement bonus as the current HD settings. A week or two after the settings are released, we will adjust how placement works; the HD720 performers will have the highest bonus, and performers using the current HD settings will be right behind them. Remember that video quality is just one of the many factors that affect placement (read more about Placement).

We will be sending out more information in the near future, including the technical requirements for running HD720.

Coming Soon: Female Muscle Category

We’re pleased to announce a new Muscle category coming soon for female performers! This category already exists for male performers, and will be available to all performers sometime in the next few weeks. If you feel Muscle describes you better than Athletic or any of the other body types, you’ll want to make sure you’re in this new category!

To update your profile, click here to go to the Personal Statistics section of your profile. Next to the Build category, select “muscular.” That’s it! After your change is approved, you’ll appear in the Muscle category as soon as it appears.

Please note that changing your build may remove you from another build category you may already be in. Choose the category that best represents your body type!

Highest Gold Show Contributor Feature

Our data shows that the Highest Contributor feature is making a big difference! Many performers using it have seen increased spending on Gold Shows as members try to take the #1 contributor spot! If you run Gold Shows, we highly recommend you try out this feature in your next show.

You can read more about this feature on the Gold Show page on Streamate Help. To activate the Highest Contributor feature, all you have to do is check the “Show users the top Gold contributors” option when you set up your Gold Show:[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”2474″ img_size=”full”][vc_column_text]Let us know if you need any help with this feature!

Short Survey: Streamate Help Improvements

Since you’re reading this, you probably already use Streamate Help to look up account and feature information to improve your Streamate experience. We hope it’s helpful!

Today’s survey is asking about your experience with the site and improvements you want to see. The survey should only take a few minutes to complete: Streamate Help Survey

These surveys help us gather more information about you that we can use to plan future updates. Thanks for your help!

We hope summer has been treating you well so far! If you have any questions about the items in this newsletter, feel free to contact us.

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streamate Newsletter

A few quick updates for all Streamate Models!

Highest Bidder Feature

In case you missed it, we recently released a new Gold Show feature that lets viewers see the top Gold contributors! If you’re offering something special to the top contributor, this is a great way to let members know exactly how much they need to add to take over the #1 spot.

To activate this feature, all you have to do is check the “show users the top Gold contributors” option when setting up your Gold Show. You can read more about this new option on the Gold Show page on Streamate Help. Check out this FAQ question to see what this option will look like to members.

Update to the Time Online Report

The Time Online report has recently been updated! The report is now easier to read with more informational text at the top. We also made some background tweaks to improve accuracy.

You can view the report by clicking here, or mouse over the “My Reports” menu at the top of your Dashboard and click “Daily Time Online.” To view the report, select the week you want to view and click the “View Report” button.

The Time Online report is a great way to keep track of how much time you spent online and how much of it was in paid chat. If you make any changes to your camming routine, use this report to see if you’re spending a higher percentage of time in paid chat than you were before.

Short Survey: Streaming in HD

Thank you for your responses on the mobile device survey we sent out in April! This month we’re asking whether or not you stream in HD and why. The survey should take less than a minute to complete: Streaming in HD Survey

These surveys help us gather more information about you that we can use to plan future updates. Thanks for your help!

We hope you all have a very successful month! If you have any questions about the items in this newsletter, feel free to contact us.

Streamate Models Support

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streamate Newsletter

Here are a few quick updates for all Streamate Models!

Short Survey: Mobile Devices

To help us learn more about you, we may send out brief surveys from time to time. This will help us collect data that could turn into improvements to the Streamate Models site down the road!

Today, we want to know more about your mobile device. This survey is just two questions long and should take less than a minute to complete: Mobile Device Survey

Thanks for helping out!

Group Messaging

We’ve had a really good response to the new Group Messaging tool. A lot of you are using it to help bring more traffic into your rooms! In order to help you understand this feature better, here are a few tips for using Group Messages.

Group messages shouldn’t be too vague. You should include a reason for the member to come visit you. Don’t just say “Come and see me.” Instead, say “My shows have been really hot lately, I’d love to see you there!”

Group messages also shouldn’t be too specific. Don’t say “I’m running a special show at 7pm.” Due to time zones and approval time, members could get your message too late or could miss the show and be disappointed. Instead, say “I’m running special rates all weekend,” or “I’ve been loving Gold Shows lately, come try one out!” You also shouldn’t mention specific member names. Make sure the message will make sense to the whole group.

Your message shouldn’t ask for favors or exchanges. Don’t ask members to favorite or rate you, and don’t say “If I make $100 tomorrow I’ll do a special show!” This is not the purpose of these messages. To prevent possible fraud, these messages will be rejected.

You can read more about the group messaging tool on the Mailbox help page. Group messages may not be available on all accounts. Let us know if you have any other questions about this feature!

Spring Cleaning

Now is a great time to go through your account and make sure everything looks polished! Here are a few ideas for spring cleaning your Streamate Models account:

•Read through the “About Me” section of your profile. Make sure your info is accurate and update your profile text.

  • Freshen up your photos. Take a new bio pic or add some images to your profile.
  • Check your Tags. Remove any tags you no longer want on your profile.
  • Is your video crisp and clear? Check out the Improving Streaming Quality and Speed help page. If you use the External Encoder, make sure you’re using one of our recommended settings files (last updated June 2013).
  • Is your ranking as high as it could be? Go through the My Ranking page to see if there are any improvements you can make.
  • Are you charging enough? Try testing out different rates, then use the Rate Analysis tool to figure out what is working best for you!

    Refresh your account and keep on streaming!

    Let us know if you have questions or comments about the topics in this month’s newsletter.

    Streamate Models Support

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