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Streamate Newsletter: February

by Christophe

SMBroadcast Beta Update for Windows

Earlier this week, the SMBroadcast Beta for Windows was updated to version 13! Changes include a new layout and video tweaking options. The SMBroadcast Encoder help page has been updated too, so click here to jump to the feature slideshow for the new layout. The Mac version is still in development, but we hope to have news very soon!

Have feedback? Find a bug? Click here and select “Submit Feedback” or “Report a Bug.” Thank you!

Important Note for FMLE Users

If you use the FMLE (aka, the External Encoder or Flash Encoder), please take a minute to check the “Format” field on the left side of the FMLE Screen. This option should be “H.264” for all performers. You should not use “VP6” because some users won’t be able to see your video.

If you see “VP6,” we recommend you go to the FMLE Encoder help page and download a fresh settings file. Follow the instructions to load and save the settings so they’ll appear every time you load the FMLE. These files were created to work well with Streamate!

TV Broadcast News

We have important news about the TV Broadcast feature. Our television partnership has ended, which means that “TV Broadcast” shows are no longer shown on live television. However, the feature is active and is still a great way to pick up new viewers!

When you opt-in to “TV Broadcast” shows, you’ll receive producer offers while in Party chat. Offers still include a guaranteed goal so you can begin the show as soon as the countdown is over. These shows always appear in the top row of page one! Read the TV Broadcast help page for more details. We’ll be updating this feature with a new name and rules soon, so stay tuned!

Image Galleries Approval

If you’ve uploaded images to your gallery in the last few months, we’re sorry if you experienced delayed approval times. We’re happy to report that we’ve fixed the problem and cleared out the backlog. New pictures will now be processed at a normal rate. Please let us know if you continue to see delays!

Tips for Requesting Technical Support

Experiencing a technical issue? Details about your equipment can make it easier for support to find a solution. Before you submit a request, walk through the steps on the Checking Your Equipment page. Write down each piece of info, or Take a Screenshot you can view later. When submitting your support request, include your operating system (Windows/Mac), and your equipment details. Then describe the problem. Be specific! How many times have you seen the issue? What workarounds have you tried? Add anything that could help support figure out the issue. Screenshots of the error can help too.

Lastly, support handles a lot of requests and may not respond the same day. We know waiting for help can be frustrating, so we appreciate your patience. If you can, keep streaming! We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you!

New Survey: Your Encoder Wishlist

In this survey, we have a few questions about your idea of the perfect video encoder. Take a few minutes to leave your thoughts and let us make your dreams come true!

Encoder Feature Survey

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