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Streamate Newsletter: October

by Christophe

HD720 is here!

Earlier this month we released the HD720 settings files for the FMLE External Encoder! To find out if your equipment is fast enough to run the HD720 settings, visit the FMLE External Encoder page to read more. Follow the instructions there to check your equipment, download the files, and start streaming.

Currently the HD720 files are still receiving the same level of placement as the older “Legacy” HD files. You still have time to play with the files and see if they work with your equipment. Sometime in the next few weeks we’ll be adjusting placement so performers using HD720 will get the biggest placement boost, and those using the older HD files will be right behind them. We’ll let you know when this switch happens.

If you have any issues with HD720, check out the tips at the bottom of the FMLE Encoder Streaming page. You can also contact support for help, or to let us know what you think!

Reminder of New Muscle Category for Women

Last month we added a new category to the front page for muscular women. If you want your profile to appear in this category, click here to go to the Personal Statistics section of your profile. Next to the Build category, select “muscular.” That’s it! After your change is approved, your profile will start appearing in the Muscle category. Please note that changing your build may remove you from another build category you may already be in. Choose the category that best represents your body type!

Social Media Tip: Cammodels

Many of you use social media to promote your shows, and we think that’s great! Social media is a great way to be available to your fans and connect with other performers. Did you know you can also use social media to increase your profits? When sending a link to your Streamate profile, don’t forget about your Cammodels link! If a brand new user signs up for Streamate from your Cammodels page, you will earn a portion of whatever they spend on the site, even part of what they spend on other performers. This is our way of thanking you for drawing in new members! You can read more information on the Cammodels help page.

New Reports Survey

In our last survey, most of you said the Streamate Help site was a useful resource, and we’re happy to hear it! We’ve got a list of planned updates to the Streamate Help site based on your suggestions, so thank you for participating!

Our new survey is all about reports and should only take a few minutes to complete: Streamate Reports Survey

Thanks again for your feedback!

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