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How to treat a model

by Christophe

Did you make a girl cry?? Shame on you! You know you should treat a girl with respect right? That’s models 101 right here. If you want her to be nice to you, you should treat her like a princess. So here’s a list of what to do to make a girl feel like a million bucks and get you on her top list;)

  1. Don’t tell a girl she’s hot, but tell her how gorgeous or beautiful she is. That will know how a gentleman you are. Girls might be ok with hot of course but if you want to leave a good impression be nice and use those better options:)
  2. Give her compliments! You know there’s plenty of guys in her room so try to be unique. Compliment her on her hair, her laugh…may be her singing ability lol Of course you can go with the classic “you have pretty eyes” but chances are that she heard that 100000 times today!
  3. Do NOT force her. You might have some fetishes or fantasies but may be that specific girl is not up for it. Don’t insist! Simply ask nicely, add a please to make it better and wait for her answer. If it’s a no, move on. Don’t be a d…!
  4. Manners! That seems obvious but a please and thank you goes a long way. And if you can avoid the SMS language like “bb” or “ty” or other shorten versions. You have a keyboard, use it and show the model that you care enough to type a clear legible sentence.
  5. Show your appreciation! If you want to stand out from the crowd, tip the model. You don’t have to give to much but just to show your appreciation you can throw some tips and I can guarantee you it will get you noticed in a very positive way:)
  6. Say goodbye…at least. Lots of members just disconnect without a word. I understand the situation at that specific moment where you just need to clean up and leave but don’t forget your manners. You can at least say goodbye….even bye would work I imagine;)
  7. You’re happy? Write a nice review. Something meaningful. Not just “Awesome” or “10 stars”, or “the best here” there’s millions of those already. Write exactly how your experience was and why. The model will love it and will certainly remember you:)
  8. 5 stars! What’s up with 3 or 4 stars??? if you are pleased give 5 stars rating period and if you are not give a 1 star. In the middle is very passive aggressive. If something went wrong go ahead, go back to guest chat and talk to the model. If there were a misunderstanding or a disagreement it’s better to let the model know, I’m sure she will satisfy yo next time. It’s better than leaving anonymously a bad review or a bad rating:)

What are your tips on how to treat a model? Write a comment on that post and let us know what you think.

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