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Twenty weeks of doing this? Can you believe it???

On this Liz-less episode, Neil the Cam Concierge, Vanessa, and Christophe give us an update of Instagram’s clarification for violating their policies and dive into camming as a side hustle versus career. There’s also an interesting bit about getting sent dick pics (Vanessa gets them, Neil doesn’t).

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Snapchat Takeover

by Christophe


A lot of you are asking me on Twitter about our Snapchat. I figured I would answer that once and for all. The short answer is YES. Yes, of course you can take over our Snapchat for the day. So how does that work? It’s easy – just ask! To make the process a little more “professional” I guess, I made a form so you can send me a request. Feel free to submit your Snapchat and let me know when you can/want to take over and I’ll let you know.

The rules

Now, I’m always asked, is there rules? Yes, but nothing too strict. But in detail, here’s what I’d like:

  • Absolutely no nudity. A little side booty shot or covering up the girls with your hands is fine. However, anything else is not allowed. You’ll probably ask why… Well, Snapchat is NOT adult friendly. You might have seen dick pics and other pussy shots, sure, but it’s still not okay and lots of accounts are being closed and I’d really appreciate if mine stays alive as much as possible.
  • Promotion of other paid sites is not allowed. This includes your own personal / premium Snapchat. You can however promote your Twitter and Instagram. We’d appreciate it if you also promoted Streamate and your account on there. ‘Cause, well, you know… That’s what this is all about. 🙂
  • You have to have fun! This is SERIOUS FUCKING BUSINESS! lol

The form

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