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The 12 Days of XXXmas

by ryan

For the last few years, we’ve celebrated the winter holidays by featuring some of our lovely performers on our social media channels with the #12DaysOfXXXmas. To cap off this wonderful time of the year, we’ve cumpiled, I mean COMPILED the models that shared their Christmas gifts with you all!

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Destiny Diaz


Charlize Kiss

Daytona Hale

Lucy Strawberry


Redhead Wunder

Trina Banks

Mia Vera

Annabelle Rogers

Natasha Garcia

Deja Electra

Ana Foxxx/Lotus Lain

Diosa Afrodita19



Ms. Lindsay Devis

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When you sign into your Streamate account, you’ll notice that there are two main ways to engage with performers on our site, Party Chat and Gold Shows. But what are the differences?

When a model is simply online, you will only see only your own chat in the text box next to the model. Party Chat is just what it says: A big party!  During party chat, you will be able to see multiple other members interacting with the model in the chat box. Members can select whether they want their comments to be seen by everyone in the room, or just the model. You can keep yourself hidden to other members by clicking the eye icon next to the chat box.


In Party Chat, members will still have the option to take a model to a private show,  exclusive show, or block session.

Additionally, you can give gold whenever you want in Party Chat, which is a good way to stand out amongst the other members in the room.


Gold Shows, on the other hand, are performances of a set length that members can reserve a spot for by pitching in the requested amount set by the model.  You can, of course, give more gold if you like, and often models will have extra perks and prizes in their description if you give more than the minimum.

When enough members have given gold, and the countdown is complete, the show will start immediately.  If the model does not initiate the show, you will not be charged for the gold that you gave during the countdown.  Unfortunately you cannot take a model private during a gold show.


Through Party Chats and Gold Shows, performers have been able to cultivate a community of members for their pages and it’s a fantastic way to cooperate with others through mutual admiration of one of our many, many talented Streamate Models!

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We have several streaming options on Streamate to make sure you are getting the best cam experience at all times.  We understand that some Streamate members may be using older devices, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road.


If you find that your cam stream is choppy or lagging, try lowering the quality so that your device can keep up in real time.  Our HD capability is the crème de la crème, but it can be difficult for older devices to keep up.


In choosing between ‘HD’ or ‘High Quality’ options, you may find that your device can better support these selections, rather than having a choppy experience.


All you have to do is go to the FEATURES menu, where you’ll see the twotop options are HD (BEST QUALITY) and HIGH QUALITY. Simply just choose the option that works best foryour device. When you click on the option, the searches filter out the stream quality that you’ve chosen.


Additionally, you can also select AUDIO in the menu, which will show you performers who have an active audio source and filter out models who may otherwise be silent.


And that’s it! Now you’ll have the best quality stream for you to enjoy your favorite models on!

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Have you ever looked at your dashboard and noticed the CONTEST tab? One day, it’s lit up with a blinking green dot? Go ahead, click on it! It won’t hurt! 🙂


On occasion, Streamate hosts contests for models that would help them earn more . When you click on the tab, you can see how models are ranking in the contest.


Many models during contests wish to remain anonymous — but you’ll see plenty of performers aren’t private and appear on the leaderboard. This is a good way to see if your favorite cam models are participating.


Additionally, the contest ranking is also a great way to discover new, elite models who you may have not seen before!


In any case, it’s another way that models and members can interact and come together, so to speak!

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Quite a few models will have prerecorded videos that are available for purchase on their Streamate pages. When you go to a model profile page and scroll below their main cam stream you will see a MY VIDEOS tab.


Click on the MY VIDEOS tab and it will expand to show that the model has videos for purchase.



Click on the BROWSE MY VIDEO GALLERY link and it will take you to a page with all available clips for purchase from that model. Check the box of the video you want to buy and press PURCHASE.


This will take you to a confirmation page where you’ll confirm your PURCHASE one finaltime. After this, you’ll find the video you bought in your MY VIDEOS tab (click on the CAMERA icon on the Dashboard). The purchased video will remain in your MY VIDEOS page and does not expire no matter how many times you view it.  The video is yours to keep!


Whether you get one or one hundred videos, this is a great way to enjoy your favorite models on Streamate, even when they’re offline!

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