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Mr. Skin Podcast

by Christophe

Attention Streamate Models!

We’re partnering with the good folks of the Mr. Skin Podcast who are launching a new segment of their show called Streamate’s CamGirl of the Week. Each week, cohosts Jim “Mr. Skin” McBride and Playboy Playmate Andrea Lowell will chat with a Streamate model; this is a great opportunity to promote yourself on a podcast that reaches 10 million monthly visits. Spots are limited and this is time-sensitive, so getting back to us quickly is very important.

Because this a podcast, we ask that you be fluent in the English and have no geo restrictions. To be considered, fill out the form below. Thanks and good luck!


Mr. Skin Podcast

  • Your Streamate performer name
  • Please use the email connected to your Streamate account
  • Your Skype name or email
  • Please type in the best phone number to reach you
  • In three sentences, please tell us why you would be a great interview for the podcast!
  • 12 − 6 =


About Mr. Skin:

MrSkin.com is the world’s foremost authority on celebrity nudity, and MrSkin.com is the web’s #1 go-to destination for celebrity nudity from Hollywood and beyond. Since its launch in 1999, MrSkin.com has grown exponentially, attracting more than 10 million visits each month. The iconic website was featured in the blockbuster film Knocked Up and countless mainstream media outlets and TV shows. Jim McBride – AKA Mr. Skin – is the founder and proprietor of Mr. Skin, the #1 online celebrity nudity entity since 1999. McBride appears on more than 500 radio shows annually, including The Howard Stern Show.

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The start of Tipsy Tuesday begins now! Shoutout to our Talent Recruiter, Vanessa Eve, for coming up with such a catchy, fun title. Totally stole it from her!


A common mistake I see all over social media is Streamate models giving out the wrong link to their cam rooms. Did you know you could be missing out on easy money by providing the wrong link? It’s a mistake that’s easy to make but even easier to correct and make money from, so I’m here today to show you how to never make that mistake again. Please watch the video I’ve created below.



The Cammodels site earns you bonus cash. New members who sign up through your Cammodels link will earn you an extra 40% when they spend Gold or go into paid chat with you, and 20% when they spend Gold or enter paid chat with anyone else on the site. This earning potential never expires—you’ll earn extra for the entire life of that member account! These extra earnings can really start to add up over time.

When sharing your link on social media, the format should look like this:



You should NOT post your Cammodels link in Streamate chat, or try to send existing Streamate members to there. You will not earn extra from these visits, and sending Streamate customers to other websites (even your Cammodels site) is against the rules.


Outside of the Streamate site, you can post your Cammodels link anywhere on the web. Remember that the more people who see it and sign up for Streamate, the more you earn. If you have existing fans who aren’t already members of the site, make sure to point them to your Cammodels link to sign up!

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Model Monday’s!

by Christophe

Something I started doing within the last two months is, Googling to see what “National Day” it is. You know, there’s like “National Best Friend Day” and “National Sibling Day” and after a week, it just sort of fades away and everyone thinks the “National so and so Day” is over with, but it’s not! Like today for example; today is National Vanilla Pudding Day. So, so random, yet fun to know.


Well, because of my obsession with what day it is, I started giving Streamate days during the week to have fun with. Some are already well known, like #TBT and Titty Tuesday. But to coordinate with the adult industry and Streamate, I also made up days like, “Model Monday.” So, guess what today is? Yup. Model Monday! Fortunately for me (and you too, obviously), I work with some pretty awesome studios and models who like to share pictures from their photoshoots. What better day to share eye candy than on today – MODEL MONDAY!








I know, I know… You’re all like…


Both lovely ladies can be found under their names on Streamate.com.

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Back in April, I had the pleasure of interviewing cam couple, Violet and Kayden. Not only are they a couple on cam, but they’re married in real life! From the moment we started our Skype session for a quick interview, I was immediately intrigued and totally fascinated by them and could quickly see why they are currently nominated for the Xbiz Cam Awards and won AWA’s ‘Best Live Lesbians Webcam Show’.


When I think of them, two words come to mind: BAD ASS! These girls are straight hustlers while being completely true to themselves and those who view them. I got such a genuine and positive vibe from these ladies and could tell they truly love what they do. After listening to them speak about camming, I could tell that camming is not just a “job” to them, but a profession that they are truly professionals at.


Unfortunately, while this interview took place, I had no idea my Internet connection was running slowly. Because of this, it ended up producing a choppy video. However, I’d love to share a quick clip from part of the interview, which I really enjoyed. It’s not every day that a camgirl wants to share their personal background (rightfully so) and tell you why they got into camming, so I really respected these ladies and loved hearing what Kayden had to say about her transition from her “vanilla” job to camming.


(Audio is perfect. Quality… Not so much..)


Kayden is a BOSS. I really respected her honesty and her drive to want something better for herself. Both of them saw the potential to have more for themselves and now are straight KILLIN’ IT in the cam community. I hope to do more interviews in the future and meet other badass people from the cam community like Kayden who said, “Fuck your ageism, sexist ways because I’m about to blow up!” I respect such hard workers and I’ve yet to meet someone from the cam community who doesn’t have an awesome story to tell. Kudos to my Streamate Cam-Fam.


If you’d like to vote for Violet and Kayden, you can go so by following this link: Best Cam Duo


— Madison

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